Cybersecurity Talent -The Big Gap in Cyber Protection

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Eight recommendations for how organizations can bridge the cybersecurity talent gap.

There are many dimensions to effective cyber-risk management and protection—but one of the biggest problems is simply the lack of talent. Those companies which are able to attract and retain cybersecurity talent will be much more successful in managing digital risk and profiting from the digital opportunity.

This latest research focuses on cybersecurity talent, a skill set that is in low supply and in high demand. We have surveyed over 1,200 senior executives and front-line employees. It includes interviews with key experts, drawn from academia, cybersecurity associations, and the recruitment sector. We have also analyzed social media sentiment of around 8,400 current and former employees at 53 cybersecurity firms.

Cybersecurity talent is a rare breed as demonstrated by the 25-percentage point gap between the demand for, and supply of cybersecurity skills. This research highlights what cybersecurity talent prefer and provides recommendations to organizations on how to acquire and retain this talent.

A few recommendations from the report include:
  • Think outside the box to find cybersecurity talent
  • Hunt in areas where cybersecurity talent spend their time
  • Incentivize employees to upgrade their cybersecurity quotient
  • Promote gender inclusion by changing the perception of the cybersecurity field


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