Continuous Touchless Planning

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Intelligent Supply Networks

As the COVID-19 crisis spreads its footprint globally, manufacturers are left grappling with issues of short or no supply of raw materials, transportation disruptions, and employee shortages. Organizations must focus on crisis response and recovery to survive, while also taking the steps to improve the agility of supply chains for tomorrow.

To enable the speed, flexibility, and scalability critical to the digital world, organizations must adapt planning processes and systems to allow for continuous updates, constant testing of plan validity and, when necessary, automatic re-planning. We call this capability continuous, touchless planning.

Capgemini’s approach to continuous touchless planning provides a framework for organizations to develop and deploy capabilities and processes across the business that will enable new levels of speed, accuracy, and responsiveness. As the name implies, our continuous touchless planning framework is cyclical in nature and designed to help the organization constantly evaluate supply and demand within the context of the current plan.

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 Continuous Touchless Planning


  • How the needs and expectations of today’s connected consumer necessitates a shift from a traditional supply chain
  • How consumer products organizations can enable a modern supply-value network
  • Case study examples of touchless planning in action

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Anil Das, Managing Applications Consultant, Capgemini

“Our approach to continuous touchless planning enables organizations to leverage near real-time insights about changes in demand, supply capability, and material availability to manage day-to-day operations.”

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