Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Development

Will there be enough charging points to support electric vehicle rollout in the next decades,...

Modern Testing Approaches for a DevOps World

There is growing pressure for QA teams to streamline their process, tools and organise the...

DevOps Changes the Game

DevOps and Quality Assurance are not just about accelerating the testing life-cycle, but its...

The status of performance testing in Agile and DevOps

We are taking major risks by removing performance testing of our pipeline. Let’s be smart and...

Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence

The introduction of AI into the QA process represents significant opportunities across the...

Unlocking the value of QA teams

As we approach 2020, organisations will need to reimagine their QA teams working with a host...

Connected Ecosystem for Effective & Efficient QA

A key trend in the future of QA is the building of a connected ecosystem to bring everybody...

Sector Analysis: Higher Education

Transforming quality assurance to enable the digital learning ecosystem

Sector Analysis: Government

Targeting anytime, anywhere services for all Australians

Sector Analysis: Energy, Utilities, Mining and Chemicals

Across markets, industries are transitioning from fossil fuels to renewables, and this...

RPA and what we can learn from Test Automation

Robotic Process Automation and Quality Assurance will merge into one area as both have the...

Sector Analysis: Financial Services

Happiness, trust and compliance driving the future of quality assurance

WEMO 2019: Key Findings

Five key findings on climate change, energy transition, industry transformation, sector...

WEMO 2019: Australia

Affordability, reliability and sustainability on the agenda

WEMO 2019: Europe

Leading the world on climate change and clean energy

World Quality Report 2019-20: Southern Europe

Digital transformation is challenging the relatively immature testing and QA climate in the...

World Quality Report 2019-20: UK

The UK is keen to see faster progress in QA and testing – especially in agile, DevOps, and...

World Quality Report 2019-20: Australia & New Zealand

ANZ is keen to catch up with the rest of the world in testing and QA – and they’re investing...

World Quality Report 2019-20: BeNeLux

Benelux sees testing and QA not as a cost but as contributions to value – and it shows

World Quality Report 2019-20: China

China is keen to tackle its testing and QA challenges – and its IT emphasis is on security...

World Quality Report 2019-20: Eastern Europe

Testing and QA in Eastern Europe are less mature than elsewhere in the continent, but it’s a...

World Quality Report 2019-20: France

France is less mature in testing and QA than might be expected – but it’s keen to make up for...

World Quality Report 2019-20: Germany

Germany is a country that takes quality seriously – and that involves a focus on...

World Quality Report 2019-20: Japan

Japan’s commitment to quality is instinctive – and it’s woven almost indistinguishably into...

World Quality Report 2019-20: The Nordic Region

The Nordic region is highly business-driven—and it’s addressing substantial QA and test...

World Quality Report 2019-20: North America

Testing and QA developments in North America are far advanced – and the region’s...


Demystifying Cybersecurity

How can enterprises prioritize, plan and act to enhance their cyber defense strategy?

World Retail Banking Report 2019

The World Retail Report 2019 from Capgemini and Efma explores how banking customers’ changing...

eGovernment Benchmark 2019

Empowering Europeans through trusted digital public services


Tackling Cloud Security Challenges: A Real-World Approach

Cloud Security challenges you will come across and how to overcome them.

Consumer Products Retail and Distribution

Point of Sale: the heart of retailing

Retail industry consolidations, omnichannel strategies, demand for lower TCO, Cloud-based...

World Payments Report 2019

The World Payments Report 2019 from Capgemini is the leading source for data, trends and...

Digital Transformation

Why most Digital Transformation efforts fail

Capgemini and Everest Research® Group detail key Digital Transformation roadblocks, and what...

EvoQE Success Stories

EvoQE – Evolution of Quality Engineering

Business Services (global)

Intelligent Process Automation – Infographic

Building an augmented workforce through intelligent automation at scale

WEMO Podcast: Riding the enormous wave of new market dynamics

How market dynamics will force energy and utility companies to adapt business operations and...

Digital Transformation

Capgemini’s Business Command Center

An insight-driven and business-focused approach to Digital Transformation

Subscription Commerce Is The Key to Long-Lasting B2B Sales

Together, LYONSCG, Capgemini, and SAP help businesses transform to meet ever-changing...


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