Application Services

Exploit and support the latest technologies and platforms

ADMnext can deliver rich programs of transformation, automation, DevOps adoption, and...

Application Services

Accelerate future change

ADMnext can assist in improving productivity and competitiveness with structured innovation...

Brochure: Cyber Insurance

If you have accurate risk insights, you can price policies competitively, manage and mitigate...

Digital health

Lab Informatics in a Connected Healthcare Ecosystem

Did you know that LIMS guarantees digital continuity in industrial laboratories?


Sustainability Evolution

Disruption presents an opportunity to rethink your strategy. There is no better time to start...

Open Insurance Transformation

The insurance industry is in the midst of a large-scale transformation.

Navigating technology trends in Financial Services

The Financial Services edition of TechnoVision aims to help business and technology leaders...

How insurers are driving the sustainability agenda

Sustainable Insurance argues that insurers are positioned to meet the changing demands of...

Digital Continuity with Obbilgato PLM

Get seamless transition of product data from engineering to manufacturing, document...

Digital Manufacturing

Servitization moves to discrete manufacturing

IoT, cloud, and artificial intelligence provide a pathway to recurring revenue

The road to autonomous car development

Our client needed to demonstrate the potential of 5G to transform all industries to monetize...