The Power of Data Podcasts

Welcome to the Power of Data, a series of podcasts by the Insights & Data team at Capgemini Financial Services.

Data, whether structured, unstructured, internal, through third parties, demographic, behavioral, transactional, etc. is revolutionizing the way financial services firms respond to changing customer and market needs.

Data-driven actionable insights help firms target stages of the customer journey to provide personalized products and services that add value for customers while increasing CX and loyalty. By infusing technologies such as AI, ML, IoT and automation into gathering, ingesting, processing and integrating data, firms are also able to improve operational efficiency, lower costs, and increase agility across the enterprise.

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Episode 1 – The Power of Data: Enabling the Resilient Enterprise in Financial Services

In this first episode of the Power of Data series, host Mary-Ellen Harn speaks with Ramana Bhandaru, head of Insights & Data at Capgemini Financial Services, on how COVID-19 is presenting financial services firms with challenges but also opportunities to leverage data and accelerate digital transformation to enable a resilient enterprise.