Enterprise Service Management: Let’s Move Beyond IT Driving a better employee experience and business outcomes through ServiceNow

Jill Weber
23 Aug 2022

For businesses today, enterprise service management (ESM) goes well beyond IT.

In the evolution to Intelligent Industry, companies are faced with the urgent need to deliver seamless experiences from hire to retire. Over the last few years, employee understanding of and capabilities with hybrid working technologies has accelerated as work applications have evolved, often across multiple devices. According to Gartner, nearly one in five workers considers themselves to be digital technology experts since Covid-19, while over half consider themselves proficient.

Yet according to Forbes, as much as 70% of the current workforce are “not engaged” or “disengaged” with their work. With raised expectations creating widespread dissatisfaction, employers must find new ways to engage, train, and retain workers.

For businesses today, enterprise service management (ESM) goes well beyond IT. It digitizes and automates adjacent functions like HR, security, finance, and customer relationship management (CRM), to put the focus on a truly end-to-end journey. The total employee experience must be seamlessly connected, convenient, engaging, and unified. The age of siloed IT is over, and ESM is an essential component of any modern organization.

Connected workflows? Believe the hype…

How can I request new equipment? How do I reset my password? Where can I find my paycheck?
Too often, employees face complexity with seemingly simple requests. This is because they will have to enter and re-enter networks dedicated to separate departments. A task which should take five minutes becomes 25 – an employee might have to travel to a physical location – and the difficulty might not even justify resolution. Such fragmentation is burdensome for businesses and employees: it not only impacts productivity and operational effectiveness but also employee satisfaction and an organizations’ carbon footprint.

The problem starts as soon as employees notice the complexity. Fortunately, good ESM hides complexity and creates an automated, digitized workflow where everything can be reached from one place. And when everything an employee encounters flows seamlessly, with services accessible 24/7, the experience becomes truly frictionless.

Hybrid working is driving the increased use of personal devices for work, while at the same time advanced digital technologies like VR are fast entering workplaces. If, as Gartner predicts, 25% of people will spend at least one hour per day in the metaverse by 2026, then organizations have to also start thinking more seriously about integrating workflows across multiple devices.
To deliver holistic and sustainable employee experiences, leaders need to think beyond traditional HR boundaries but the number of systems and technologies involved in today’s workplace can feel overwhelming. To power your workflow integration, Capgemini is partnered with ServiceNow to deliver digital excellence. Let’s explore the “platform of all platforms” in action.

The employee experience journey

ServiceNow benefits networks of all sizes, but the more complex and extensive a network, the more important it is to unify the platform. Take the public sector, where an IT authority might supply infrastructure services to many entities serving different functions.
Capgemini’s work for the State of Georgia illustrates this. Working with the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA), we oversaw the modernization of its IT infrastructure that serves 95 executive-branch agencies with 70,000 employees and provides managed network services to an additional 1,300 state and local government entities.

As the IT needs of these agencies grew, the GTA was struggling to deliver the modern capabilities and services required to meet the needs of employees to operate across networks. Aged processes and tools meant that the state’s constituents were ultimately affected. Chosen as the Multi-Sourcing Service Integrator (MSI), we introduced a ServiceNow platform, Digital SIAM 2.0, to help manage the dynamic ecosystem.

By creating a plug-and-play model for flexing, adding, and changing the GTA’s services, we have been able to radically transform the providers’ fundamental offering for its customers, while embedding a process-orientated approach that embeds continuous evolution. In the space of two years, the new model doubled customer satisfaction from 36% to 77%, IT costs were reduced by 20%, and the GTA was able to establish a culture of customer-led innovation by accelerating the cycle time from idea to programming in the service catalogue. Read more about the challenge here.

Leveraging digital transformation

Investing in ESM boosts productivity, supports hybrid working, and brings communities together. To transform sustainably and maximize value during rapid digital transformation, organizations must be able to optimize their workflows by connecting disparate enterprise systems into integrated seamless experiences.

Capgemini is an end-to-end transformation partner that brings broad and deep experience to every engagement and weaves together all the necessary capabilities that organizations need to maximize your ServiceNow investment and unlock continuous value on the way.
Delivering for your people also means delivering for your customers – the time to transform is now.

Find out how Capgemini and ServiceNow can improve workflow and accelerate your journey to service excellence.

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