Amitabh Dubey

Expert in AI, Blockchain, IOT

I weave enterprise solutions in complex SAP landscapes to help customers translate their ideas into working solutions. With my hands-on expertise, I guide my customers with more realistic approach.

After more than a decade of experience in delivering SAP Core and New Dimensional solutions, my hunger to learn and embrace new and upcoming technologies got stronger. This made me take deep interest in SAP Cloud Platform and Leonardo Framework; although it was going to be a paradigm shift as it was no more the same SAP framework, I have been playing with for so long.

I took up a role to build Proof of Concepts and Use-cases weaving around IoT, Machine Learning, Predictive Services, Cloud Platform Integration and APIs by learning them from scratch. My current interest lies in building competencies, PoCs and helping customers adapt digital solutions with ease.

Amitabh Dubey

My experience

Program Manager / Enterprise Architect @ Capgemini

Jun 2018 - Present

Senior Manager / Solution Architect @ Information Technology and Services

Oct 2015 - May 2018

C.T.O. @ Information Technology and Services

Sept 2009 - Sept 2015

Latest Publications

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Amitabh Dubey

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