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Goutham Belliappa

Expert in Analytics, Big Data

With a passion for data and AI-driven business transformation, it is possible to achieve the highest ambitions.

I am responsible for driving AI and big-data solutions at Capgemini, with a focus on four major processes: digital customer experience, digital supply chain and logistics, digital manufacturing, and digital worker and employee. I am an advisor to senior executives on AI-based business-transformation initiatives.

I work closely with the business and technology leaders of Fortune 500 organizations to understand their business challenges and partner with them to develop the solutions they need to succeed. I am primarily focused on the manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and energy and utilities sectors.

Some of my recent work includes:

  • Delivering over 10 cloud data and AI transformations into production on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure
  • Driving AI projects around computer vision, natural language processing, cognitive services, and recommendation engines for personalization for key hospitality and retail clients
  • Being the infrastructure director in charge of coordinating a full-scale BSS/OSS transformation, which included application and infrastructure-management functions. I was responsible for the design of the overall solution, including the selection and procurement of hardware, software, storage, network, and data center build-out functions.

I am passionate about AI, big data, business intelligence, and analytics. I aim to provide thought leadership in these areas, and I am happy to speak and write about these topics so that others may understand the value and potential within these fields.

I have been at Capgemini since 2008. I am currently based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Goutham Belliappa

My experience

Vice President Cognitive, AI & Big Data Practice: North America @ Capgemini

1/1/2016 to Present

Principal @ Capgemini

01/02/2012 to 31/12/2015

Senior Manager @ Capgemini Consulting

06/02/2008 to 12/31/2011

Manager @ Capgemini US LLC

01/03/2005 to 12/31/2007

Senior Consultant @ Capgemini

08/01/2001 to 12/31/2004

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