Julian van Velzen

Expert in Big Data, Machine Learning

Julian is the primary Thought Leader for Quantum Technologies in Capgemini, setting up Capgemini’s Q Lab a global network of quantum experts, partners and facilities, focused on 3 key quantum areas: Sensing, Communication and Computing.

His aim is to establish Capgemini as a premier quantum integrator in the market, by exploring, with our clients, how we can apply our research-based insight, build demos and ultimately cutting-edge solutions to help solve business and societal problems that up until now have seemed intractable.

Julian van Velzen

My experience

CTIO & Head of Quantum Lab @ Capgemini

2021 to present

Quantum Consultant @ Capgemini

2018 – 2021

Quantum Engineer and AI expert @ Capgemini

2017 - 2018

Latest Publications

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Julian van Velzen

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