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Dr. Michael Zellner

Expert in FinTech

For more than two decades, together with Capgemini Invent, I have focused on the automotive and financial services sector. My experience ranges from strategic initiatives through structural changes to process management. Among the many projects I restructured a German insurance group allowing for substantial synergies across multiple group companies. I also developed the global digital strategy for a captive finance group leading to the set-up of a new global structure and governance model, a layered global delivery model and a future oriented digital cultural. In addition, closely collaborating with and being a board member on various start-ups from the Fin-, Insur- and MedTech sector sharpened my focus on pragmatic and lean solutions quickly to implement.

Dr. Michael Zellner

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Vice President @ Capgemini Invent

Sept 1998 - Present

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Dr. Michael Zellner

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