5G and IOT Go Live Webinar

Cities are home to more than half of the world’s population, and they are expected to add another 2.5 billion residents by 2050.

They also face greater environmental pressures and infrastructure needs – and increased pressure from residents to deliver a better quality of life at a sustainable cost.

Cutting-edge technologies are poised to enable cities to meet these challenges, and they are already paving the way for the next wave of public investment.

The 5G revolution will accelerate innovation across many industries and provide a platform for new emerging technologies such as IoT to play an increasingly integral part of our everyday lives.

How will 5G and IoT usher in a new era of smart city development? Listen to our experts discuss this topic in a live webinar that took place on August 20th.

In this live webinar we discuss:

  • Smart city development trends in Asia-Pacific in the 5G era
  • Building smart cities with 5G elements: challenges and pathways
  • How technologies such as 5G networks, IoT, cloud, and big data analytics are being experimented on and implemented in cities across Asia-Pacific
  • The role of telco operators in the new era of smart cities: moving beyond offering efficient network infrastructures to developing smart applications and ecosystems that foster co-development, co-governance and co-existence

Watch the replay of this exciting live webinar hosted by Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange in Singapore as we brought four great minds and leaders together to share their experiences and predictions on how 5G and IoT will usher in a new era for smart cities.

Watch the video below.


Session : August 20th, 11 AM – 12:00 PM SGT


Steffen Schacher,
AIE Director, Capgemini

Steffen leads the Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange in Singapore, Capgemini’s flagship innovation hub in Southeast Asia. He is an Entrepreneurial professional with a holistic approach to challenges and the ability to focus on details. Drive to find new opportunities and problem solving with the understanding of complex concepts. Eager to create a positive impact on people, society and business. Steffen brings a good social understanding and the willingness to learn from people and organisations, in an constant changing environment.

Keziah Quek,
Ecosystem Lead (Southeast Asia), Capgemini

Keziah is the Ecosystem Lead at the AIE, connecting cutting edge technology, business model opportunities and startup solutions to corporate industry challenges. As a trusted partner in applied innovation, she works with clients to design and develop innovation discovery days, proof of concepts, and innovation roadmaps.

Guest Speakers:

Peter Maquera,
Senior Vice President for Enterprise Group,
Globe Telecom Inc.

Peter Maquera is the Senior Vice President for Enterprise Group at Globe Telecom Inc., providing ICT services to the top corporations and international companies doing business in the Philippines. Prior to joining Globe, Peter was Deputy CEO of LiveIt Investments Ltd., an Ayala Corporation company, and CEO of SPI Technologies. Peter completed his studies in the US with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Southern California.

Amit Gupta,
CEO, Ecosystm

Amit is founder and CEO of Ecosystm, a next generation Technology Research and Advisory platform. Ecosystm is the pioneer in truly democratising data and making research available to a much broader tech ecosystem as technology markets evolve. As a Board Member for TiE and Beachhead Advisor for the New Zealand Government’s trade development body NZTE, Amit is passionate about mentoring and advising high growth businesses and start-ups.

Jourdan Templeton,
Co-Founder and CTO, Aware Group

He has extensive experience across multiple industry verticals with a keen personal interest in remote sensing and predictive analytics. Through his efforts, Jourdan has been recognised with a number of prestigious awards and positions including Microsoft Regional Director in 2019 and 2020. Jourdan has a passion for technology, and also sharing his vision for what is possible with technology in the future.

Monika Gupta,
Vice President – 5G Engineering, Capgemini

Monika is Vice President at Capgemini and is leading the 5G Engineering initiatives globally.

She comes with a rich Telecommunications and IT experience and her work has taken her across geographies and diverse roles. She has worked in leadership positions with reputed organizations like Bharti Airtel, Ericsson and Nokia, Siemens in the past.

She is also the Chair of the Digital communications working group of the IET Future Tech panel and has authored several whitepapers and journal articles.

She is an electrical engineering graduate from Delhi College of Engineering (Delhi, India) and a university gold medalist in engineering & technology.

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August 20, 2020 11:00 am
August 20, 2020 12:00 pm
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