Driving Innovation for Good

At Capgemini, we are passionate about innovation as a pathway to sustainable growth and a better way of working and living. Together with our clients and partners, we leverage the latest technology and thinking to drive forward-looking solutions that yield genuine business impact. From rigorous frameworks that accelerate innovation to high-intensity R&D to prove the value of incremental and disruptive technologies, we help you anticipate future trends, assess their potential, and take advantage of them responsibly.

Our innovation ecosystem combines technology, a network of startups, and proven methodologies and services for driving tangible value. The result? The ability to reinvent for the long-term and unlock the power of technology to build a better future. 

Data and AI

Data-powered Innovation Review | Wave 3

Capgemini’s Data-powered Innovation Review | Wave 3 brings you a fresh selection of concepts,...

Data-powered Innovation Review | Wave 2

Let data be your compass to sail towards new innovations and technologies.

Data-powered Innovation Review | Wave 1

The next new wave of your data-powered innovation route is rising!

Digital Twins: Adding Intelligence to the Real World

As customer preferences and regulations evolve amid increasing concerns about climate change,...

Innovation Podcast

Applied Innovation Podcast

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Quantum Technologies

Quantum technologies

How to prepare your organization for a quantum advantage now

Future-shaping Projects

A Nobel view of innovation

In 1895, Alfred Nobel’s legacy was to create what is today the world’s most highly acclaimed...

A vision for speech

Helping those living with a neurodisability practice their speech and language therapy

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