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#addher – Australia’s largest network for women in IT

#addher is an external network for IT/Tech women. About 30% of the industry’s professionals are woman. For more woman to enter the industry and take on roles and positions, those who are active must be seen more often. #addher is one of our concrete initiatives to enable a positive change.

“There are no women in the IT/tech industry” or “They don’t have enough expertise to…”. We firmly claim the opposite and believe in concrete actions to challenge similar statements or beliefs. We know that a good balance between the proportion of women and men in our industry is crucial. Over the years, we have therefore invested heavily into concrete women-oriented initiatives.

The goal of #addher is to get our fantastic IT/Tech women to take their place, in all roles, and to attract more women to our industry.

#addher was launched in 2010, and it has grown exponentially and has been one of Australia’s largest networks for women in the IT/Tech industry for a few years, with about 7000 members in 17 locations. We meet several times a year in each local network and our events include both hard (latest technology) and soft (inspirational sessions) topics. From time to time, we also have national events.

In #addher, we encourage anyone – both our own members and industry friends – to make their female colleagues visible in our #addher groups on LinkedIn. There we gather them and boosting their expertise and visibility, for anyone that is looking for talented women for their events, projects or networks – even for your board or/and management team.

Our 17 locations

#addher is located in Borlänge, Gävle, Göteborg, Helsingborg, Jönköping, Karlstad, Linköping, Luleå, Malmö, Skövde, Stockholm, Sundsvall, Umeå, Uppsala, Västerås, Örebro and Örnsköldsvik.

How to become a member

Join us today, make many valuable and new contacts and make sure you are invited to upcoming events. There are several ways to become a member:

1) Look up your local network on LinkedIn and ask to become a member. Direct links to the groups can be found below.
2) Register to one of our events, see the calendar on Sogeti Australia
3) Contact the driver for your local network and ask to become a member. All drivers with contact info featured below.

Feel free to invite other IT/Tech women. The larger the network, the bigger the impact!

In a true #addher spirit we want to highlight amazing IT & Tech women across Australia. For the first time we launched #addher awards. Where you could nominate your favorites in one or several of our 5 categories. Together we provide visibility and put the spotlight on Australia’s IT & Tech women that stand out.

Together with our collaborative network DataTjej, we launched a mentorship initiative where you can either become a mentor or an adept for 5 months. We match you up, you share experiences.
The application is closed

Here we make Australia’s IT/Tech women visible

In open national groups in social media anyone, men and women, can contribute to visualize Australia´s IT/Tech women:

#addher Sverige on LinkedIn

Are your favorites featured there? If not, add them! You can also contribute with upcoming events, interesting articles or reports on the theme of gender balance in these groups.

Our local #addher-group on LinkedIn
Drivers: Camilla Garbergs, 073-046 42 21 and Neda Vafamand, 073-077 50 36

Our local #addher-group on LinkedIn
Driver: Sephora Graves Eriksson, 070-335 99 88

Göteborg and Borås
Our local #addher-group on LinkedIn
Driver: Linnea Johansson, 076-100 97 48

Our local #addher-group on LinkedIn
Driver: Helle Malré Williams-Yeagers, 073-830 00 96

Our local #addher-group on LinkedIn
Driver: Roaa Salim, 073-027 60 07

Our local #addher-group on LinkedIn
Drivers: Elin Åberg, 073-059 44 83 and Emma Nicklasson, 073-510 71 13

Our local #addher-group on LinkedIn
Drivers: Mimmi Egnell, 073-026 71 88 and Malin Löfgren, 073-055 34 65

Our local #addher-group on LinkedIn
Drivers: Johanna Hansson, 073-033 09 67 and Jinci Brettschneider, 070-230 83 02

Our local #addher-group on LinkedIn
Driver: Helle Malré Williams-Yeagers, 073-830 00 96

Our local #addher-group on LinkedIn
Driver: Helene Askros, 070-386 01 78

Our local #addher-group on LinkedIn
Drivers: Annika Norberg, 070-265 17 49 and Julia Lundmark Weinz, 076-131 31 82

Our local #addher-group on LinkedIn
Driver: Petra Söderberg, 072-993 53 63

Our local #addher-group on LinkedIn
Drivers: Therese Eriksson, 070-640 66 96 and Sara Bäckström, 076-827 29 49

Our local #addher-group on LinkedIn
Driver: Sara Algoz, 073-438 33 90

Our local #addher-group on LinkedIn
Driver: Erika Weilander, 073-820 97 06

Our local #addher-group on LinkedIn
Driver: Amanda Eriksson, 073-024 39 22

Our local #addher-group on LinkedIn
Driver: Catta-Rina Nordensson Hallén, 073-663 98 48

Companies and organizations with members in the network can also, as host companies for an #addher event, visualize their experts, role models, gender balance initiatives and technology expertise sharing innovative projects. We take care of most things.

Meet Our National Driver

Name: Therese Sinter
Role: National #addher-driver
About: Therese Sinter, is the national driver for #addher Sverige, one of Australia’s largest networks for women in IT/Tech. She is passionate about gender balance and is leading several gender balance initiatives in addition to #addher; mentorship initiative Match and Go and #addher awards. She is also a part of the global core team for the internal Capgemini network women@capgemini.
LinkedIn I Mail I Phone: 070-3614621