Five things that make Capgemini a Great Place to Work

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We are proud to announce that Capgemini has been certified as a Great Place to Work.

The official certification conducted by independent global workplace culture consultancy Great Place to Work® included a survey of current team members sharing their experience of working at the company across Australia.

The results revealed that:

  • 86% of our workforce agree that we are a great place to work
  • 83% rated a real sense of community within our workplace
  • 84% have a strong sense of pride working for our company

The very heart of our business is to build an inclusive and sustainable future for all, and this is not possible without our incredible people. Our certification is testament to all of those that lead and work within our business – creating a supportive and inclusive culture so we can go out into the world and contribute to a better future.

We are focused on finding the right ways to support our people in this mission – there is always more for us to do, but to mark this moment, we reflect on what makes us a great place to work today:

Here are some of the reflections from our very own team members:

Have flexibility to work your way

 “Trust is a big value at Capgemini, and you can see that in the flexible work policies. For me, if I need to attend an appointment in the middle of the day or just need a break for my mental health, Capgemini empowers me to get my work done and still take the time I need for my personal life. I can do that because our leaders lead with trust.”

– Erika Osborn

Shape your future path 

 “The Return to Work program has allowed me to understand that I am going to get the future I want because I have an accessible path to move with, in and out of the workforce and bounce between potentially having a family and having a career. The window of opportunity that’s opened up now allows me to keep exploring exactly what future I want because there is a pathway to do it!”

– Amy Rath

 Embed learning into your day-to-day

 “Capgemini strikes the difficult balance between giving you the chance to grow in new, potentially unfamiliar situations, while also providing the support you need to facilitate that growth. At the risk of completely butchering a metaphor, you’ll be thrown in the deep end, but it’s not a sink or swim environment – there’s plenty of guidance, support and coaching to ensure you make the most of any and all roles during your career.”

– Phil Davey

Bring your whole self to work

 “I love how approachable everyone is at Capgemini and how we’re encouraged to bring our authentic, true, and unique selves to work. Everyone I have come across demonstrates our core values – honesty, boldness, trust, freedom, fun, modesty, and team spirit. Recently, I had an opportunity to reach out to our University Lead and share my thoughts on connecting with my university to create a workshop. Before I knew it, I was busy creating the content and speaking to various stakeholders to action this idea. This was a first-hand experience for me to learn that titles don’t matter and everyone is willing to help me achieve my goal.”

– Neelam Yadav

 Contribute to society

 “Capgemini opens up countless opportunities to show up for our community, through joining a Capgemini Employee Resource Group like OUTfront, the Neurodiversity community and the Reconciliation Community that advocate for diversity initiatives by hosting roundtable sessions, mentoring initiatives and events.”

– Gigi

Our business is rapidly growing, if you’d like to explore a career with us, we’d love the opportunity to tell you more about life at Capgemini. Reach out to our Talent team here or see our open roles here.

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