Improve your order-to-cash process by consolidating vendor data effectively

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Consolidating vendor data across your entire order-to-cash process is time consuming and often prevents your teams from focusing on business-critical tasks. Here are five ways of consolidating your data to deliver a more intelligent order-to-cash process that adds value to your finance function.

Most order-to-cash teams are familiar with logging into payor portals to upload a new invoice or check on payment statuses. But wouldn’t it be great if there was a way of consolidating all this data into your order-to-cash process?

The good news is this is now possible.

Consolidating order-to-cash data is now a reality

Start by leveraging robotic process automation (RPA), scripts, and other intelligent data extraction tools to pull data from your customers’ payor portals or other websites. This means you don’t have to upload data manually, and helps you build a smarter, more intelligent order-to-cash process.

Follow this by optimizing the data your customer portals holds across five key areas:

  • Payment forecasting – upload and code promises to pay in your collections system automatically. This will enable you to better forecast pending cash collections and month-end results
  • Credit management – incorporate payment-in-transit into the credit decisioning process along with info such as accepted invoices, and scheduled payment dates. This will make the entire cash management process more transparent and much easier to handle for your team
  • Collections – add pending payment data into your collections platform and leverage it to automatically tag payments in transit or disputed items
  • Cash applications – apply cash faster and more effectively by identifying and matching against the proper invoice. Implementing this properly will improve the auto match function overtime, reducing the amount of exceptions in your system
  • Dispute and deductions management – build an early disputes and deductions identification system. This will enable your team to act faster, leading to all invoices being cleared in a timely manner. This will also improve your resolution time, reduce friction, and improve customer satisfaction overall.

While this approach might seem daunting, keep things simple by just focusing on your top 15 largest customers, and consider it to be a marathon rather than a sprint.

Inject AI to simplify your order-to-cash

Overcoming these hurdles is made much easier if this approach is implemented properly as it promises the very best-in-class finance operations for your business by benchmarking your operations to ensure top performance, reducing your total cost of service, and implementing a target operating model that actively supports your business.

All of this can be achieved by infusing intelligent automation and artificial intelligence (AI) into your cash and collections processes to deliver next-generation, frictionless order-to-cash capabilities.

This transforms your finance function into one that drives frictionless, intelligent, enterprise-level outcomes, enhanced efficiency, and top-line growth to your business. Bringing you closer to – what Capgemini calls – the Frictionless Enterprise.

To learn how Capgemini’s AI. Receivables solution delivers frictionless, next-generation, intelligent O2C processes to drive enhanced outcomes and make Frictionless Finance a reality for your organization,

Jose ZamoraJose Zamora has extensive experience in delivering both outsourced and in-house services from Capgemini’s different delivery centers in Europe, LATAM, and North America for several global companies.

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