Empowering HR with word recognition technology based on intelligent automation

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Capgemini’s Answer Generator tool enables human resources to better respond to the needs of its team members, be more agile and responsive, and boost employee engagement – all through leveraging intelligent automation.

How can organizations overcome typical challenges in HR such as categorizing and answering email queries? Capgemini’s Answer Generator tool has the answer – forgive the pun.

Manually categorizing queries is an arduous task for customer service agents at the best of time – and hardly time efficient. Capgemini’s Answer Generator tool leverages intelligent automation to standardize processes and streamline operations across business departments and languages, delivering rapid, frictionless, and user-friendly email support to its Global L&D Service Desk team.

Implementing this tool has increased cost-effectiveness, boosted employee engagement, and decreased the time it takes to respond to emails. This has helped the team create a more people-focused HR culture with frictionless business processes that better respond to the needs of employees.

An innovative tool that leverages intelligent process automation

Based on Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), a computer programming language developed by Microsoft, Answer Generator scans client mailboxes, segregates queries, storing them in specific folders.

For each email, one keyword is extracted that suggests the right choice of email template, which is automatically sent in response to the query. It also creates a folder for uncategorized emails, where queries that were categorized using more than one keyword are placed. This is where the user seamlessly steps in to pick the right keyword from the list before an automatic response is sent.

The tool also simplifies team management by storing keyword lists assigned to different teams in separate files. This automates email responses separately across multiple teams and enables different files to be stored under the same keyword. This way a single admin can deliver effortless cross-tower support by making it easy to select a different team from the list and maintain several mailboxes simultaneously.

The tool also enables a super-user to add or remove keywords and maintain answer templates. This eliminates the risk of unauthorized changes to the database.

Intelligent automation drives impressive business outcomes

Answer Generator has delivered a range of impressive business outcomes for our Global L&D Service Desk team.

It has reduced the time and effort of our employees by 80%, cutting down the 20 hours per day previously required to just four hours – an outstanding testament to the effectiveness of the tool.

The tool combines AI with human effort, automating the essentials, while retaining the need for a human touch. On top of this, it doesn’t require specific training or installation of additional software, making it very accessible to any team or organization working with repetitive daily customer queries.

Recognition for innovation in intelligent automation

Designed by Capgemini’s HRInnHUB team – an internal function dedicated to continuous innovation and automation in HR – we’re really proud that Answer Generator was recognized as the world’s “Best Intelligent Word Recognition Solution” by the 2021 AI Breakthrough Award.

And as for the future? The HRInnHUB team plans to add a reporting function that enables automated reporting of volumes and SLAs, expanding the scope of the tool at a global level.

To learn how Capgemini’s Answer Generator tool can help streamline your organization’s email categorization and response process through leveraging Intelligent Process Automation, contact: malgorzata.praczynska@capgemini.com

Malgorzata Praczyńska – HR Automation ManagerMałgorzata Praczyńska is the founder and manager of Capgemini’s HRInnHUB team. She specializes in finding automated solutions for a range of HR processes, including project and people management that provide significant cost benefits to clients.

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