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The phrase “inclusiveness” is becoming a new buzzword in today’s corporate environment.

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The phrase “inclusiveness” is becoming a new buzzword in today’s corporate environment. With many organisations proudly declaring that they generate an inclusive culture, they’re open to all employees, they support and encourage people to be themselves at work. What is less common is organisations pushing this message through their actions.

When initially joining Capgemini in the March 2019 graduate intake, we were introduced to the internal initiative, OutFront. It is an internal resource group whose mission is to foster a supportive, inclusive and understanding environment for LGBTQA+ and their allies. It’s a refreshing sensation to be involved in a group like OutFront, who take steps to encourage and support those within a minority in the workplace.

Since joining OutFront, I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in numerous training sessions they have hosted. With facilitators from Pride in Diversity and Transgender Victoria coming in to share their stories and educate many on the seemingly miniscule actions they can perform each day that all add together to create a safe, inviting and inclusive workplace for everyone. The tiny effort of adding what your preferred pronoun is to your email signature could be the recognition that a friend needs to do the same – especially if their preferred pronoun may not be what you previously thought.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be included in the planning and progress of Capgemini’s submission to the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI), an index that drives best practice across Australia, designed to set a benchmark for how much employers should be driving for workplace inclusion.

It can be a slow realisation to appreciate that it’s the small things that have the biggest impact to many people. The importance of having an internal group like OutFront is not a trivial one, having a group and members that are recognised as a safe space is significant for any new joiners within the LGBTQA+ community that may need the support of a group such as this. Joining OutFront, even as ally will give any individual an insight into the small actions that can have large impacts.


Stacey Waters,
Consultant at Capgemini

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