DISRUPT.SYDNEY™ 2019: Re-evaluating success amid disruptions and changing notions of work

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The DISRUPT.SYDNEY™ 2019 annual conference was hosted on the 20th September by the University of Sydney Business School in collaboration with the Centre of Inclusive Design. Representing Capgemini at the event were Paul Faraggi, Senior Manager in Innovation and Strategy and Steph Sands, Head of Diversity and Inclusion for Capgemini Australia.

The theme for this year’s conference was ‘Rethinking Success.’ This involved decoding the meaning of success within an environment that is dealing with disruption, sustainability, inequality and changing notions of work. At the DISRUPT.SYDNEY™ 2019 annual conference, attendees got an insight into the emerging technologies and leading change within an organisation through social intrapreneurship to make a social impact. The annual event comprised of two keynotes, four speaker addresses, two audience discussions, two workshops and an interactive session.

Understanding what success means in today’s age

Customers and employees are looking to make a positive impact and enterprises are adopting game changing value propositions with a focus on the triple bottom line of people, plant and profit.

Traditional indicators of success focused around wealth and profit, both on at the individual and organisation level. In his session titled Rethinking Success through Purpose, Paul Faraggi urged the audience to redefine success as adopting business practices that focus on the triple bottom line; people, planet and profit. By reflecting on his own social intrapreneur experience, Paul discussed how organisations and employees have a role to play in this changing environment by becoming architects of positive futures.


Creating designs that cater to everyone

The workshop on Inclusive Design focussed on the need to involve the edge-users in the design process to ensure that using products and services are convenient for everyone across backgrounds and environments. Through practical tasks, the workshop identified the problems faced by edge-users and created designs that could be easily used by everyone.

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Interested in finding out more? Download the presentation Paul presented now! You can also find out more about the event here: DISRUPT.SYDNEY™ 2019

Also learn more about our Social Innovators offering and about our CSR program.

About Social Innovators

The Social Innovators practice emerged from our team’s passion to contribute to societal causes ranging from our clients’ strategic social engagement and sustainability objectives, to our commitment to support key initiatives such as digital inclusion, diversity and environmental sustainability. We support both not-for-profit and corporate organisations in their social impact and sustainability journeys through strategic and technology consulting services. By leveraging Capgemini’s skills and knowledge with a focus on the triple bottom line – People, Planet, Profit – our Social Innovators deliver game changing value propositions and drive positive impact.

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