CONNECTING the DOTS : Capgemini@ADOBE Summit 2017

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Platform based solutions are leading the thinking and breaking the mold to provide a peek into the future models to deliver sustainable transformation for our clients.

Capgemini Offers an umbrella set of offerings under DIGITAL services which caters to the end to end needs of our client base in addressing the digital continuum from “Innovation strategy thru managed services” to build a future ready enterprise for its customer. Speed to value and innovation are the key dimensions needed to support the next generation user experience and at the heart of digital technology-driven innovation are platforms that allow for flexibility, customization, speed, scale and low risk.

In this context, Capgemini has a strong partnership with Adobe for realizing the above mission in the CX/UX space. Capgemini’s Digital CX Practice has a strategic focus on Adobe Marketing Cloud as a technology platform to accelerate the key sector offerings like Seamless Customer Engagement for CPR Sector, Connected Banking for Financial Services Sector etc, to name a few. Adobe continues to be recognized as the market leader across many digital vectors in the Forrester3 report Digital Experience Platforms. Capgemini is a sponsor of the ADOBE Summit event in Las Vegas 2017 as we continue to drive the co-innovation journey with ADOBE with Sector led solutions.

We are showcasing market leading solutions in key sectors like Financial Services, CPR and Life Sciences at the show. Come meet with us at Las Vegas during the ADOBE Summit 2017 from March 19th thru 23rd. Meet our Expert’s to shape your customer experience journey.

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