Our Code of Business Ethics

Our Code of Business Ethics is our ongoing commitment to maintaining and promoting world-class standards of business integrity and trust, wherever we operate.

Since our Group was founded, we have always believed that a profitable and sustainable business cannot exist without sound ethics and integrity. This belief lies at the very heart of our decentralized organization. Our Code of Business Ethics encapsulates our respect for the law and for individuals, and our responsibilities to our clients and stakeholders. It provides the basis for our ethical culture.

The Group has always been a values-based organization: our Group Values are a part of our DNA. Guided by our Values, we seek to adopt an ethical mindset and ethical behavior in all our daily business activities. Our Code of Business Ethics sets out, explains, and formalizes our Values, principles of action, and rules of conduct and behavior regarding:

  1. Our People: We are committed to providing a safe, inclusive work environment
  2. Business Integrity: As a business we are committed to acting responsibly in the market place
  3. Business Relationships: We are committed to delivering value and building longstanding relationships based on mutual trust with our clients, and to achieving profitable and sustainable growth for the Group
  4. Group and Third-Party Assets: We recognize our responsibility to maintain the security and integrity of the assets of our Group and of the third parties we work with, by handling these assets responsibly and professionally
  5. Corporate Social Responsibility: As responsible citizens, we support the communities and respect the environment in which we operate

We follow our Code of Business Ethics no matter where we operate and whatever the economic circumstances. Following the Code of Business Ethics is mandatory for Group compliance.

Our Ethics for You

Our Ethics for You encapsulates the core ideas of our Code of Business Ethics, for quick reference.

Our clients: We owe our clients strong adherence to our business obligations. By offering business and technology solutions and expertise to fit their needs, and by delivering the results they expect, we build and nurture longstanding relationships with our clients, based on mutual trust.

Our shareholders: We are always accountable to our shareholders for achieving profitable and sustainable growth, and providing accurate business and financial information in a transparent and timely manner.

Our team members: Caring for our team members, paying attention to their career development and wellbeing, offering challenging objectives and fair rewards, and ensuring a diverse workforce and work environment are all-important to our overall success as a people company.

Our alliances, partners, and suppliers: Conducting business on a fair and ethical two-way basis with our alliances, partners, and suppliers, and acting in compliance with our sustainable procurement principles are vital to achieving mutual respect and success in our business partnerships.

Our communities: We pay special attention to the communities in which we operate, by acting in a socially responsible manner. We are involved in numerous community programs, and are committed to minimizing the impact of our business activity on the environment through an ongoing drive towards sustainability.

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