economic Application Portfolio Management (eAPM)

See a smarter path forward and get the visual insights you need to radically improve IT performance and accelerate transformation.

In the endless quest to perform, transform, and do more with less, IT needs to answer increasingly difficult questions:

  • How can we simplify the application portfolio to cut cost and waste?
  • How does our performance compare with industry peers?
  • Which applications should we migrate to the cloud?
  • How can we optimize our operating model to perform and transform more efficiently?
  • Which applications are the best candidates for the DevOps model?

Capgemini’s eAPM empowers you to address these questions based on hard data, analytics, and best-practice benchmarks.  eAPM is a groundbreaking solution that combines our proven portfolio assessment methodology with a stunningly graphical analysis and decision-making tool. It empowers you to take control of your IT assets, radically improve IT performance, and get transformation initiatives moving ahead at full speed.

We analyze the underpinnings of your current IT organization—portfolio, operating model, sourcing strategy, resource allocation, etc. – so you can address top priorities in the most effective way from a business perspective.

We help you achieve substantial savings and free up resources for modernization and innovation. On average, the eAPM service delivers 27% achievable savings while improving IT performance and creating more favorable conditions for vital transformation initiatives. eAPM helps to:

  • Rate your IT performance against industry peers
  • Elevate your cloud strategy
  • Transition to DevOps at the right pace
  • Measure your digital readiness
  • Expand IT’s value as a business partner.

Our experience and expertise

  • Seven years of research in enterprises of all types, sizes, industries, and geographies
  • 500+ application portfolios analyzed in creating our best-practice benchmarks
  • Eight weeks average length of client engagement
  • 7,000,000 data elements aggregated and analyzed with our AI engine
  • 160,000+ applications analyzed to find correlations and contribute to benchmarks
  • 27% average achievable savings based on results of more than 500 customer engagements.

Capgemini Advantage

  1. Accuracy: The data-driven visual insights enable you to answer the tough questions about how to improve IT performance and lead digital transformation with total confidence.
  2. Speed: The engagement lasts just eight weeks but delivers long-lasting business value.
  3. Collaboration: Our approach makes it easy to engage with business leaders across the enterprise, so their priorities are heard, understood, and acted upon.
  4. Financial Efficiency: The net result of the offering is an average achievable cost savings of 27%.
  5. Transformational Outcomes: eAPM is complemented by a wide range of services that can help you perform and transform at an unprecedented level.

The growing numbers of our clients across industry sectors are testimony to the effectiveness and timeliness of our solution. To explore how eAPM could benefit your business, contact us.

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