Episode 4: Getting the experience right, for customers and staff

In this episode, Bluestock, our fictional global business, had a clear problem with their Net Promoter Score (NPS). It had been falling, consistently, month by month. If ever they were mentioned on social media, it was never in a positive way. Customers were turning to slicker, more digitally driven companies, offering a new approach to service delivery.

 Customer centricity (or lack thereof) was also having a negative impact among Bluestock’s staff. Like everyone, they had been embracing Amazon-style services for years in their personal lives. Now they wanted a similar experience at work. Lots of other companies were doing it. They were losing patience with Bluestock’s clunky internal systems.

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In fairness, the IT department was chomping at the bit to work on customer-centric innovations, but it had been just too busy keeping the lights on. They had little time or resource for proper development and testing.

But thanks to Bluestock’s emerging cloud strategy, things were changing. Innovations are now developed faster, at less cost. This is mainly due to the integrated and agile “DevOps” approach to app development that Capgemini has helped them to implement.

The DevOps mindset breaks down silos and promotes collaboration, so IT staff are now testing as they develop, and getting new apps to market faster than ever. It’s giving customers a better service, and their NPS is back on the up.


To address the staff dissatisfaction, Capgemini has also helped implement a digital self-service HR helpdesk, powered by its Odigo cloud platform. Everything is tailored to the user, Amazon-style. So rather than having to search for information and filling in forms, staff ask natural language questions and chat with virtual agents to book leave.

Similarly, their procurement system has been revamped into a consumer-style portal that makes it simple and easy for staff to buy the services they need from Bluestock’s approved supplier lists. No more risk of people getting frustrated with the system, and buying non-approved services from other channels.

Bluestock knew that customers and staff wanted more intuitive ways to engage. With the right mindset and approach to systems integration, they are now making it happen. In the next episode on their transformation journey, we’ll look at how Bluestock is onboarding its recent startup acquisitions and integrating them into day-to-day operations.

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