9th report from Capgemini and Efma shows relationship between banks and their customers at a crossroads

Customers may be the lifeblood of retail banking, but to many institutions they remain somewhat inscrutable. Traditional measures of customer attitudes can yield confusing results, with 7% more bank customers citing a “positive customer experience” over last year. But 9% of customers are likely to leave their banks in the next six months while 40% are unsure they’ll stay long term, says the Report.

Banks have a significant opportunity to close the customer sentiment gap and address the factors that matter most to increase loyalty. Quality of service (53%), fees, (50%), ease of use (49%) and interest rates (49%) represent the biggest impact areas to keep customers from leaving. The Report also reveals that mobile banking services have yet to be fully leveraged.

Providing insights into customer attitudes towards retail banking, the Report uses a comprehensive Voice of the Customer survey which polled over 18,000 retail banking customers in 35 countries. The responses provide the underlying input for our proprietary Customer Experience Index which measures customers’ banking experiences across 80 different touch points.