The World Payments Report 2013 (WPR13) from Capgemini and RBS analyzes the latest published payments data and regulations, while highlighting how \’Payments Innovation\‘ is taking flight. The report explores the impact of innovative initiatives and offerings in helping to spur the landscape toward \’digital\‘ payments (both e and m-payments as well as prepaid) by stringing together examples from B2B and alternative C2B models. As you can expect, regulation is close on the heels of payments innovation. With nearly 50 in-depth executive interviews and spanning almost 40 countries, the report explores Global and European non-cash payment market trends. It features a regulatory progress report with a deep dive on SEPA; investigates how leveraging innovation and regulation can help differentiate; and also recommends that banks prepare for innovation, including revisiting their payments delivery model and infrastructure. Learn more about the dynamic world of payments with the World Payments Report 2013.