Capgemini can help you get there

Single European Payments Area (SEPA) is now a reality with the launch of both credit transfer and direct debit products. While many large banks and non-bank institutions have fully and structurally prepared for SEPA, some have chosen to wait and watch or taken a tactical approach to compliance. As the SEPA end dates near, all financial institutions have limited time to ensure full compliance and complete the strategic solutions that will be required to minimise costs and improve positioning post-SEPA.

Whatever the current status of your SEPA program, if you want to achieve full SEPA compliance, Capgemini can help. We have assisted a number of banks and financial organizations in aligning payment operations for SEPA. Armed with real-world insights and practical experience with large global banks, Capgemini can work collaboratively with you to achieve full compliance to SEPA at the strategic and operational levels.