Make More Room for Innovation:

Unlocking the Value of Capgemini’s Application Lifecycle Services

Almost 60% of Capgemini clients have said that their IT budget will likely stagnate or even decline in the future. This is an alarming message, particularly since more than 70% of our clients are also claiming that IT innovation and new technologies are key for their business, meaning that new investments will be required.

In this SAPInsider Special Report, Capgemini’s Renate Radon discusses how Capgemini’s Application Lifecycle Services can be harnessed to help you extract greater value from your SAP technology landscape and create more room for innovation.

The article includes an example of how one Capgemini client, a construction company, benefited from Capgemini’s approach and also looks at some of the key components of the service, namely:

  • Value Management
  • Run SAP methodology
  • Upgrading
  • A menu of options
  • Subscription-based pricing.


These components are brought together to deliver a service that will bring the Business and IT closer together


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Lifecycle Services for SAP applications
Capgemini’s Lifecycle Services for SAP applications is a multi-year engagement that helps ensure continuous improvement in your SAP environment at lower and more predictable costs. The multi-year service will reduce the time to market so that the business value of new applications can be reaped immediately.

Application Lifecycle Services
Application Lifecycle Services is a managed service for all or part of your application landscape, covering application conception, design and deployment through service, renewal and disposal. Our robust delivery models reduce costs and deliver significant improvements in the productivity, flexibility and business impact of your application landscape.