The deployment of 4G technologies, and their impact on the IT landscape.

The advent of next-generation 4G wireless technologies such as LTE1 is driving telecom operators to acknowledge the growing diversities of consumer usage behaviours and business models that are currently being used. Operators increasingly need to support multiple devices and create flexible operating models. At the same time they also have to ensure that they make sense out of the ever-increasing amount of customer data that is coming their way. They need to do all these while ensuring that customer experience is not impacted.

These multi-faceted challenges have varying impacts on different parts of the telco organization. Nevertheless, their major impact is seen on the telco IT systems and the way these are currently architected. IT systems in a 4G world will need to support multiple business and operating models spanning multiparty services, which will enable customers to have greater control over services consumed and deal with multiple classes of devices. In order to ensure that telcos make the most of the 4G transition and not allow IT to be a limiting factor, they should strive to remove legacy complexity in the system. Telcos should take a long-term view and create systems that can thrive on partnerships. They should focus on effectively managing the transition as a key to successful deployment of 4G wireless technologies.