Just because you have a social media account doesn’t mean your brand is socially accepted.

Social media provides exposure of your products, services and brand to your customers’ personal and professional networks. Your customers organize in intersecting social circles, which enable trust to develop. Thus, customers become “trusted advisors” who drive your value proposition.

  • How much do your customers engage with you via social media?
  • What are they saying about you?
  • Who are your promoters and detractors? Who are they influencing?

In a recent survey of CMOs, 80% said that customer stories and suggestions from social media channels are used to shape and enhance products and services. Social media really becomes valuable when it is closely aligned with a company’s objectives.

With an effective social media strategy, your company can experience:

  • Improved customer loyalty and reduced churn
  • Greater return on marketing investment
  • Reduced operating and labor costs
  • Increased efficiencies in IT operations
  • More customer lifecycle moments of value

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