A ‚must read‘ for the CIO contemplating the next-generation of end user IT

This Capgemini Point of View examines the changes taking place in the end user environment and the key factors to consider when developing the next generation of desktop IT.

Our perception of how, where and when we work and the tools we use to perform our daily tasks is changing. This Capgemini point of view discusses three key streams that are coming together to fundamentally transform our perception of end user IT:

  • Business and IT alignment (including IT and its role in optimizing costs, improving disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities, reducing the corporate carbon footprint and improving workforce productivity).
  • Evolution of technology and its continued penetration into work and home life (including the ramifications of Windows XP end of life, new ways of consuming IT services, desktop virtualization, and the penetration of tablets and smartphones)
  • People and the way they work, play and balance their professional and personal commitments (including the rise of the digital native, our evolving understanding of what it means to be ‘at work’ and the widening range of IT users within the workplace).

How IT decision makers interpret and address the developments taking place within these streams will shape the next generation of end user IT. This document looks at the factors CIOs should be considering before deciding on their next desktop deployment and features our recommendations on steps that should be taken, including:
Get to know your end users;

  • Understand the technology options and how they apply to your users;
  • Embraced managed diversity;
  • Re-thing the ‘education’, ‘communication’ and ‘people’ aspects of end user IT;
  • Take a stance on ‘Bring your Own’ (BYO);
  • Broaden the TCO discussion;
  • Re-think the conventional approach to the desktop lifecycle with an eye on the future;
  • Assess your existing application landscape and revisit conventional views on application delivery, management and licensing;
  • Don’t stop at green IT, embrace IT for green;
  • Consider the role of cloud.

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