Capgemini implements an enterprise-wide data warehousing solution, empowering the bank with intelligence to support strategic decisions.

The Situation

DAB bank, one of Germany’s leading online banks focused on the securities and investment business, wanted to rebuild its existing data warehousing solution in order to effectively manage its diverse product portfolio in accordance with the volatile market situation and rapidly changing customer requirements. The bank also wanted the new solution to monitor and report its performance, empowering end-users with intelligence that could be leveraged as a competitive differentiator in the market.

The Solution

Capgemini helped the bank to implement an enterprise-wide data warehousing solution, providing a complete and consolidated view of all customers, partners, products and services as well as all transactions and balances. Drawing from Capgemini’s expertise in Oracle and Business Objects enabled the bank to integrate the enterprise-wide data warehouse with a business intelligence solution.

The Result

The success of the implementation has not only ensured the required operational efficiency and agility– it has further strengthened the bank’s confidence in Capgemini. The bank is partnering with Capgemini in a number of subsequent projects.