Harnessing energy from renewable sources for self-sufficient electricity communities.

This paper introduces the concept of Cloud Power: a community striving for electricity self-sufficiency based on energy from renewable sources.

The concept is currently under development at Capgemini in cooperation with TexelEnergie in the Netherlands. Cloud Power provides the advantages usually associated with smart grids, but starts from the consumer’s point of view.

The highly political nature of energy use has brought it into the public consciousness. Increasingly, people want to take control of their energy consumption, and in some cases are willing to pay a higher price if this reduces their environmental impact. Some consumers are willing to accept a reduction or interruption of supply given a fair remuneration. Still others think they are well-equipped to manage the risk of price volatility themselves. This is where Cloud Power comes in.

Cloud Power aims to unite a relatively small group of consumers with a common approach to their energy supply, and enable them to define and jointly pursue their individual goals. This Cloud Power ‘community’ is opt-in, and revolves around common objectives that define the identity of that community.

A typical Cloud Power community can be economically feasible for several hundred participants, and these participants don’t need to live near each other. Although the economies of scale provided by traditional energy companies are not available, by using technology and participants in an intelligent, responsive way, Cloud Power can be a democratic, competitive way of providing energy to consumers.