Is this the future of end user IT?

Bring Your Own – fear it, tolerate it, embrace it?

Bring Your Own, or BYO as it is commonly referred to, has made its way firmly onto the IT decision-maker’s radar. Whether it refers to devices (laptops, tablets or smartphones) or the software tools (productivity apps, file sharing, etc.) used to perform work tasks, end users are increasingly going outside of the IT perimeters set out for them and taking IT provisioning matters into their own hands.

This Capgemini point of view cuts through the hype around BYO and examines the factors driving this trend, such as increased penetration of IT into home and work life, the consumerization of IT, changes in the end user IT landscape, the changing profile of the typical end user and the notion that IT departments are failing their end user communities.

This document also looks at the various interpretations and applications of BYO, examining the relative business, IT and end user benefits and disadvantages of each. We also look at the ramifications of BYO on areas such as IT security; the role of the HR, IT, Legal and Finance departments; IT Support and Service Delivery; and also licensing and procurement challenges.

For those organizations considering embarking on a BYO program, this Capgemini Point of View features recommendations on how and where to start.

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Intelligent Workplace
Capgemini’s Intelligent Workplace is an innovative, end-to-end approach to workplace platforms that helps you improve end user productivity, boost business agility and address environmental objectives, all while reducing IT costs.

Intelligent Workplace is highly flexible and capable of embracing emerging technologies and trends. Using our End User Assessment methodology, we’ll work out which technologies make most sense for the different users in your organization and will work with you to ascertain where BYO does – and doesn’t – provide business and IT value.

Desktop Virtualization Point of View
Desktop virtualization technology will play a central role in BYO initiatives. This Capgemini Point of View provides an introduction to this technology, examines some of its pros and cons, and provides an overview of the different compute models and typical usage scenarios.

The potential benefits of desktop virtualization – improved security and administration, enhanced user productivity, greener IT and reduced costs – are compelling, but deciding on which compute model or models makes sense for different end user groups is often difficult and poorly informed deployment decisions can prove costly. Let Capgemini start you on the road to discovery.