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Technologies thrive in the open. So do organizations.

Make the shift to an open, container-based platform – on-premise, hosted, or in the cloud.

Red Hat® is the leading provider of open source enterprise IT solutions. Its vision is to create an optimal IT foundation through collaboration among IT leaders, partners, and developers. The company delivers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services through an open, collaborative business approach and a predictably priced subscription model.

Capgemini is a leader in open source collaboration and deployment. We partner with Red Hat® to create new innovations and drive digital transformation for leading organizations around the world. We combine jointly developed open source technologies with the rich experience and deep expertise of our industry and technology experts. We then efficiently and effectively implement business-enhancing applications across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

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Your digital transformation with Capgemini and Red Hat®

Capgemini is experienced in Red Hat® technologies and related innovations – from the OpenShift container application platform to cloud-native infrastructures to the DevOps application development methodology. Partnering with Red Hat®, we deliver transformative, outcome-focused:

  • Cloud-native application development
  • Cloud-native migration
  • Cloud automation

By combining Red Hat’s open solutions with our expertise in application development, legacy IT optimization, and cloud migration, we can help you:

  • Adopt a DevOps practice and culture
  • Master the challenges of complex microservices architectures
  • Realize the full value of containerized, cloud-native applications
  • Achieve lower, more predictable IT costs

Accelerate your transformation into a digital enterprise.



Capgemini Cloud Platform

Capgemini Cloud Platform

Elevate your cloud strategy!

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Wechseln Sie zu einem cloud-zentrierten Ansatz und bleiben Sie stets einen Schritt voraus.

Featured Testimonials

How Red Hat and Capgemini helped Deutsche Telekom enable greater connectivity

Deutsche Telekom is replacing copper cables with fiber-optic lines, including a rapid mass rollout to almost 40 million homes across Germany. Red Hat and Capgemini are providing the expertise and technology Deutsche Telekom needs to make this initiative possible.

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Martin Snellgrove, Capgemini Global Partner Account Manager, Red Hat®

The Red Hat® and Capgemini partnership delivers the perfect combination of powerful technology and proven digital, infrastructure, and application services. Driven by Capgemini’s expertise, together we enable our customers to succeed in their digital transformation journey to meet the increasing demands of their business.

Join the fast lane to cloud native leadership with Capgemini and Red Hat

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