Dell Technologies

Capgemini’s Partnership with Dell Technologies Gives Your Business a Competitive Advantage

Together, Capgemini and Dell Technologies provide digital transformation across four key business domains – IT, Workforce, Security and Applications.

Why Choose Capgemini and Dell Technologies

Capgemini and Dell Technologies will help you to store, manage, protect and analyze your most valuable asset — data — in a more agile and cost-efficient way.

Capgemini combines the innovative capabilities of Dell Technologies and a network of experts around the world to successfully support clients via advisory and managed services to integrate cloud computing into their business strategies.


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Benjamin Alleau

Expert in Business Technology

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Expert in Business Transformation, Digital Industrial Transformation and Energy Transition

Volker Darius

Experte für Unternehmensstrategie und digitale Transformation

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Experte in Automotive Digital Customer Experience

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Head of Workforce & Organization Capgemini Invent Austria

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Head of Capgemini Invent Austria