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Schnelle Evolution und Anpassung sind der Schlüssel für Überleben und Wachstum eines Unternehmens. Mit rund 200.000 Mitarbeitern und 100 Unternehmen weltweit verfügt Capgemini über die Ressourcen, um schnell auf Kundenbedürfnisse zu reagieren – ein wichtiger Aspekt in dieser digitalen Ära, wenn der Einsatz in Wochen statt Monaten gemessen werden muss.


Automated CRM empowers your customers to create anything they can imagine.


Cloud-native apps enable you to adapt to customer demands in real time.


Customers become ambassadors when personalized digital experiences are meaningful.


Our ERP expertise increases your employees’ productivity.


Simplified operations leads to enhanced employee satisfaction


Wonderful customer experiences come from digital reinvention.


The government’s agricultural services – from expanding and developing markets...

Andy3D Remote Platform

An innovative platform for remote assistance, cloud solution, multi-devices, AR/VR

Applied Innovation Exchange

Business is not usual. Today we see multiple shifts occurring simultaneously. Shifts that are...


Increasing software and electronics content brings new challenges for Automotive OEMs....

AutomotiveConnect: Commercial Vehicles

The commercial vehicle business currently looks healthy, but even compared with the rest of...

AutomotiveConnect: OEMs

Is your automotive company positioned to provide innovative, targeted services to Generation...

AutomotiveConnect: Retailer

Next-generation digital solutions offer insight into running the retail business...

AutomotiveConnect: Supplier

Tier 1 suppliers are generally doing well in today’s buoyant economy, but need to strengthen...

AutoPath accelerates the SAP journey

Capgemini’s AutoPath is a solution for organizations that want to align different...

Banking & Financial Services Partnerships

In order to bring the best possible solutions to our leading clients in banking and financial...

Blockchain and B2B platforms

Trusted data exchange for accelerated digital transformation

Blockchain im öffentlichen Sektor

„Blockchain erobert nicht nur die Finanzwelt, auch für den öffentlichen Sektor bietet...

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for Manufacturing

Transform your manufacturing business into an agile, responsive enterprise across an...

Business Services

Transforming your business operations to deliver the Frictionless Enterprise

Capgemini Enterprise iPaaS

A cloud-agnostic platform enabling continuous and rapid delivery of new business services and...

Capgemini-gehostete private Multi-Tenant-Cloud

Die Vorteile einer privaten Multi-Tenant-Cloud sind unmittelbare Bereitstellung,...