Your growth potential relies on the mastering of your legacy

Today, IT is not just a technology supplier, but a business partner. Businesses increasingly expect start-up qualities from their IT teams: rapid innovation, agility and collaboration between the business and IT on new solutions and reducing time to market.

To be a true partner to the business, IT organizations must achieve industrialized delivery – continuously optimized cost and a well-managed portfolio. This frees up budget and resources for innovation or modernization of legacy applications and, importantly, strengthens the credibility of IT teams with their business stakeholders.

This tenet is supported by our in-depth research, backed by hard data – Capgemini has analyzed 160,000 applications over 500 portfolios across multi-national companies in 13 industries resulting in more than 7 million data points derived. The resulting report on “Best practices for mastering IT performance” clearly demonstrates the benefits of a strong, industrialized delivery to foster the adoption of innovative technologies and generate significant business value for organizations.