Utrecht- Rebooting the retail store through in-store automation

The Applied Innovation Exchange hosted Wasteless during the first What’s NOW Utrecht on January 31st !

Bringing the learnings from the Capgemini Research Institute (CRI) report ‘Rebooting the retail store through in-store automation‘ into practice right away, the UK start-up Wasteless shared how they help retailers become more sustainable.

Ron Peek – Lead Store Operations & Technology took us through the highlights of the CRI report, pointing out customers expect retailers to use new technologies to solve pain points in the current shopping journey in store. Think check out lines, product not being available or product information not being up to par. However, consumers also expect retailers to solve for other, less obvious, points. For example, the research shows that almost 70% of consumers expect retailers to use in-store technology innovations to reduce their footprint!

Fitting to these findings, Wasteless’ engineer Rene presented their solution that enables food retailers to reduce the waste in their fresh produce section (while increasing their profit margin). Wasteless – a partner in the AIE Utrecht Discover Box – surprised the audience by bringing a full fledged demo set up. After sharing insights on the numbers behind food waste, Rene did not only talked about the solution, but invited the audience to stand up and experience it themselves.

Before we closed the event with informal drinks at the new Utrecht office bar, Martin van Vugt shared his experiences from the Big Retail Show by NRF in New York. Martin did not only showed the far fetched future technologies that we may or may not see come to life in retail, he also shared his best insights on what we can expect for the industry this year.