WNT-How to multiply the potential of PLM through technology

With our guests, we will share an overview of the extension of PLM landscape to tackle the challenges of digital continuity.

FlashCard PLM augmented

Thanks to its interconnection to innovative technologies such as AR/VR, Digital Twin, Onthology & Graph, Ro/Cobotic, or AI, the augmented PLM open to new promises for the manufacturing to be multidimensional, digital and smart.

Come to discuss and explore with us the future of Intelligent Industry!


  • Augmented PLM Overview by our experts from Center of Excellence Digital Manufacturing
  • Startup Simsoft: intelligent vocal assistant for industry and technical purpose by André Joly, Simsoft
  • Digital continuity and Twin, from concept to reality: How Digital Continuity Leads to Better Industrial system and how a Digital Twin can help you improve your manufacturing process by Alexandre Capone, Capgemini
  • PLM Booster, Center of Excellence Digital Manufacturing, Capgemini

Factory, Graph, Migration and more.