What is Scrum7?

Scrum7 by Capgemini is sport-tech contest that provides start-ups the opportunity to work with university rugby sevens teams to create and test their solutions, while battling it out for the two top spots.


  • Rugby : A play where participants pack together to restart the game.
  • Technology : An agile framework used to tackle complex tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Scrum7 is a unique project at the confluence of sports, business, technology and innovation that demonstrates how technology enables people, whether in sports or business, to be ahead of the game. This sport-tech contest provides start-ups the opportunity to work with university Rugby Sevens teams to create and test their solutions, while battling it out for the 2 top spots.

Inspired by our partnership with World Rugby Sevens, Scrum7 enables top technology start-ups to collaborate with university Rugby teams and our experts to demonstrate the power of technology in enhancing performance and experience.

While the start-ups will focus on team performance and fan experience, applications of these technologies will be far reaching across industries. Start-ups will have the opportunity to apply their innovative technology solution to Rugby Sevens on the field; while the university Rugby Sevens teams will benefit from cutting-edge solutions that the start-ups bring to the sport.

Follow the Journey

Watch the videos that are periodically released through the duration of the project to follow the journey of these start-ups and University Rugby Sevens teams.

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