Capgemini Cloud Platform Dedicated Hosting – VMware Powered Cloud Solutions

Enterprises typically aim to move to the cloud while controlling risks and uncertainties, encompassing:

  • Application migration without investments in application transformation.
  • focus on consuming capacity, within hyperscaler’s global infrastructure.
  • Simplified migrations that allow a move to cloud objectives quickly without dramatically changing the architecture.

The key to achieving these goals is an end-to-end approach to maximizing cloud value. Capgemini brings to the table its substantial experience to enable a rapid, predictable migration to cloud across the following spheres:

  • Data Center Exits – Execute a move out of your existing data center investment in weeks, replacing traditional on premises infrastructure with hyperscaler datacenters and network infrastructure.
  • Disaster Recovery – Replace the disaster recovery data center sites with pay-on-demand infrastructure, maintain a minimal presence and scale up when needed
  • Cloud Transformation – Use the solution as a temporary hosting facility prior to transformation in the cloud.
  • Fast Access to Cloud Services – Leverage native public cloud capabilities collocating  traditional  applications and data with native cloud applications.

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