Value Extension

Applied Innovation Enterprise Proficiency Assessment tool

The Applied Innovation Enterprise Proficiency Assessment (AIEPA) tool shows how equipped and positioned enterprises are in applying and scaling innovation today – in terms of business readiness and capabilities by providing an initial, high-level and “early warning” assessment of potential areas of risk to consider when enterprises pursue an innovation journey.

Drive Innovation Outcomes through Applied Innovation

Agile/Design Thinking Enablement
Leverage our design agencies for unlocking the creativity and potential through Agile and Design Thinking

Innovation Strategy
4-8 week assignment where together we build a vision and strategy to support future growth and galvanize change in your organization.

Innovation Governance
Gain insight into the winners’ strategies in the marketplace and understand how to pull the right levers to optimize outcomes

Innovation Watch
Regular (e.g., quarterly) updates on key innovations that are changing the marketplace, and can be applied to your organization.

Applied Innovation as a Service
Gain a modular subscription service across the AIE product portfolio to accelerate and sustain innovation value (e.g., Discovery, Fundamentals, Proof-of-Value, Hackathons, etc.)