The Rise of Data-Powered Change

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COVID-19 and unlocking the true potential of data

COVID-19 has proven to be an undeniable accelerator to data-powered innovation and digital transformation. But relying so much more on data also puts much more pressure on having the right data available at the right time for the right purposes. A systematic approach to dealing with this data paradox ensures the data-powered enterprise can unleash its full potential.

Zhiwei Jiang, Chief Executive Officer, Insights & Data Global Business Line, Capgemini


Thriving on Data: Data-powered innovation and TechnoVision

TechnoVision is Capgemini’s proven framework, which provides a yearly update of key technology trends across the entire Technology Business landscape. Having a look at the trends, it is obvious that data and algorithms have an innovative impact on the majority of topics in TechnoVision. But what does TechnoVision say about innovation in the data domain itself?

Ron Tolido, CTO and Chief Innovation Officer, Insights & Data Global Business Line, Capgemini


Data-powered innovation in COVID times

As ironic and bitter as it may be, the pandemic has proven to be an accelerator to digital innovation – with no industry sector unaffected. Data, analytics and AI are at the very core of this wave, in areas as diverse as DIY business intelligence, touchless user experiences, social distance monitoring and real-time analytics dashboards. And more is to come, as new, data-powered business models are rapidly emerging.

Monish Suri, Innovation and Global SAS Alliance Lead, Insights & Data Global Business Line, Capgemini

Rapidly warming up to Data Monetization

It has been nothing less than the holy grail to many companies: seeking new sources of value & revenue from their data assets. But freeing up the data that is needed for this, proved to be cumbersome in practice. But the times, They Are a-Changin’: new ways of living, working and standardization of rules and regulations, combined with breakthroughs in technology provide all the tailwind needed to get serious with monetizing data.

Sudhir Pai, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, FS, Capgemini
Cyrus Daruwala, Managing Director, Financial Services and FinTech, IDC