The Rise of Data Culture 

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 Today’s innovation culture is data-powered

More and more organizations are aiming to innovate with data, as evidenced in the past few years by the findings of the Capgemini Research Institute. And this proves to be even more true amid the pandemic crisis. But what exactly are the areas that harness data-powered innovation? Learn from the research experts.

Nancy Manchanda, Senior Manger, Capgemini Research Institute
Ramya Krishna Puttur, Manager, Capgemini Research Institute


Intelligent data-driven change management

The human dimension is undoubtedly the #1 success factor for any transformation initiative. However, humans struggle to deal with the ever-increasing complexity &  speed of change that is typical of today’s business. With a novel approach called Intelligent Data-driven Change Management, data & AI can come to humans’ rescue by supporting continuous improvement & reskilling.

Max F Baldelli, Director, Digital Transformation and Innovation, Capgemini
Bastain Wexel, Senior Consultant, Digital Transformation and Innovation, Capgemini


AI Ethics and IBM Watson OpenScale

With AI applications entering mainstream business use, the ethical dimensions of AI are coming under more scrutiny, driven by the critical perspectives of consumers, business partners, and regulators. Proper governance measures are key, but luckily innovative technology is coming to the rescue as well. IBM Watson OpenScale is a leading example of a software platform that will help to address the phenomenal challenges of AI ethics.



Eric Mandeville, Principal, Insights and Data, Global lead for IBM Data & AI, IBM Alliance
Dr. Manish Bhide, Chief Architect, IBM Watson OpenScale & AI Governance IBM Cloud Pak for Data.


A new working era demands new skills

Driven by advances in digital transformation and innovative, breakthrough technologies such as AI and Intelligent automation , jobs are rapidly changing – and so are the skills needed. This trend is further exacerbated by the new ways of working and collaborating that many of us have been so suddenly plunged into. In order to thrive in this digital revolution, the what, how, and who of skills need to be well understood.

Paramita Gupta, Vice President, Insights & Data, Capgemini India


Millennial Garage – putting data-powered innovation to practice

So many ideas and opportunities for data-powered innovation – so little time to bring them alive. Capgemini’s Millennial Garage builds on best practices in applied innovation to create a vibrant place to test-drive new, breakthrough technologies around data, analytics, and AI. It comes without the complex governance and red tape that can often be passion-killers for innovation. And it is a compelling proposition for graduates and experienced professionals alike.

Mukesh Jain, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Insights & Data Global Business Line, Capgemini India