The Innovator’s Response

The Innovator’s Response offers strategic guidance to small business owners including how to leverage content, digital marketing, and social media to reach target audiences.

Can you tell us about the initiative you started to help small businesses?

Tom Abraham, engagement manager at Fahrenheit 212, part of Capgemini Invent: “Living in New York City, we saw firsthand how so many buildings were boarded up overnight; the big box stores and banks and chain restaurants. But the small businesses that are struggling most to stay afloat tried to keep their doors open, as they had no other options. And we just felt that we have to do something to help them.

“We spend our days doing consulting work for large companies, figuring out new solutions to unique problems that they have.

Nancy Traversy, Barefoot Books, US
Nancy Traversy, Barefoot Books, US

“But the small businesses that make our neighborhoods, like the bodega down the street or the barbershop, they would never have access to anything like a consulting agency. So, we offer free strategy support, whether that’s helping people figure out how to sell things online for the first time, or helping retail stores figure out a new business model to do curbside pickup or curbside takeout.

“We’re helping small businesses like Barefoot Books, an independent children’s publisher, to part from their traditional sales channels in order to leverage digital marketing and social media.

“The world is bigger than our neighborhood, it’s all of our neighborhoods that are affected, and we want to help keep all of our communities going during this time.”