RPA and AI across the intelligent automation spectrum

Lee Beardmore, Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Capgemini’s Business Services

RPA and its expansion into AI is helping to drive a new era of business and IT alignment.


Robotic automation – a bunch of benefits

Marty Borcharding, Engagement Executive, Capgemini’s Business Services

Robotic automation can create value for everyone, but it’s at its best when it’s part of a bigger story of intelligent automation transformation.


The point about silver bullets – RPA and change management

Adam Bujak, Global Head of the Intelligent Automation Practice, Capgemini’s Business Services

The benefits of robotic process automation don’t just happen. What’s needed is the right kind of plan.


Virtual delivery centers, intelligent automation, and … kindergartens

Tim Ulrich, Director, Technology Transformation – AI & RPA, Capgemini’s Business Services

Having a robotic workforce at your command is all well and good, but how do you get it to perform the way you want it to?


RPA deployment will fail without a strong operating model

Fabrice Perrier, Intelligent Automation Director, Capgemini Invent

Best practices in the successful deployment of robotization programs


Pushing the limits of RPA with AI

Fabrice Perrier, Intelligent Automation Director, Capgemini Invent

Artificial intelligence (AI) can provide answers to the limits of robotic process automation (RPA) technologies and help reach higher levels of automation.


Just what the doctor ordered – artificial intelligence and medical diagnosis compared

Andrew Anderson, CEO, Celaton

Andrew Anderson, CEO, Celaton, draws a parallel between the way you would diagnose and cure a medical ailment and the complexities of automation and AI.


Keeping knowledge out of the landfill

Heather Richards, CEO, Transversal

A well-deployed and up-to-date knowledgebase can provide return on investment far in excess of its setup costs.


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