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A selection of our thought leadership dedicated to advancements in technology.

Digital Learning Operations – feeding the curiosities of the mind

Anjali Pendlebury-Green, Global Head of the Digital Employee Operations Practice, Capgemini’s Business Services

The more you invest in digital learning, the higher the uptake of reskilling programs, leading to a more switched-on, curious workforce, and real employee delight.


Capgemini strengthens digital HR portfolio with just-in-time launch of Digital Learning Operations

Senior Analyst, NelsonHall

Capgemini has launched a new offering in its digital HR portfolio, Digital Learning Operations (DLO). A key feature of DLO is platform flexibility, important because next-gen platforms are better at delivering just-in-time training personalized for the learner.


Capgemini University – driving the digital learning agenda

Shazia Joshi, Design and Innovation Lead, Capgemini University

Capgemini has an education and reskilling agenda that is as wide and diverse as our multi-generational and multicultural workforce. Capgemini University is absolutely paramount in defining this agenda and enabling the future of our business – and make no mistake, that future is Digital!


Choosing a CLM tool made easy

Radek Kowalski, Contract Manager, Capgemini’s Business Services

Ptolemy gives you a head start in finding the best contract lifecycle management tool for your business.


Automating the supply chain – tangible benefits

Dharmendra Patwardhan, Global Head of Digital Supply Chain Practice, Capgemini’s Business Services

Supply chain automation needs to be approached with focus, commitment to achieve scale, and with a long-term and enterprise-wide strategy.


RPA and AI across the intelligent automation spectrum

Lee Beardmore, Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Capgemini’s Business Services

RPA and its expansion into AI is helping to drive a new era of business and IT alignment.


A success mantra for unlocking the full potential of intelligent automation

Ashwin Yardi, Chief Industrialization and Automation Officer, Capgemini

This success mantra can help you overcome the obstacles your organization might be facing to successfully implement intelligent automation at scale.


Keeping knowledge out of the landfill

Heather Richards, CEO, Transversal

A well-deployed and up-to-date knowledgebase can provide return on investment far in excess of its setup costs