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A selection of our thought leadership dedicated to intelligent automation.

Carole Murphy

CFOs are getting excited!

Carole Murphy, Head of Business Transformation Services, Capgemini’s Business Services

Digital transformation of the finance function can improve transactional performance and deliver insights that create and sustain value across the entire enterprise.


Reimagining finance for the digital age

What is the state of automation in the finance function? Is the finance professional stepping up to provide insights that deliver business value? And is the function itself ready to take on a more central role in their organization’s overall digital transformation? We surveyed 500 senior finance executives in Europe and North America, across five industry sectors.


Marty Borcharding

Robotic automation—a bunch of benefits

Marty Borcharding, Engagement Executive, Capgemini’s Business Services

Robotic automation can create value for everyone, but it’s at its best when it’s part of a bigger story of intelligent automation transformation.


Opportunities and challenges of intelligent automation for the finance community

This paper summarizes discussions from roundtable client events hosted by Capgemini in London and New York on the transformative effect intelligent automation could have on the finance functions of our clients’ businesses.


Andrew Anderson

Just what the doctor ordered—artificial intelligence and medical diagnosis compared

Andrew Anderson, CEO, Celaton

A parallel between the way you would diagnose and cure a medical ailment and the complexities of automation and AI.