Technology defines the path to success

As is evident from the findings of the Capgemini Research Institute, every business sector, from financial services, to manufacturing, to telecoms, to life sciences, to government, is impacted by the global realities of a fully digital, yet utterly volatile world. Organizations need to re-imagine their future in this equally competitive and unpredictable digital world, and technology is the key to addressing this.

With technology evolving in areas as diverse as hybrid cloud platforms, Artificial Intelligence, connectivity (such as 5G, the Internet of Things and ‘digital twins’), decentralized collaboration (e.g. blockchain), mixed realities (such as Virtual Reality an Augmented Reality) and even – sooner or later – Quantum Computing, it is paramount to keep a healthy appetite for new, innovative trends and their potential business impact. Meanwhile, data is becoming the key strategic asset for many organizations, which calls for a company-wide strategy to become data-driven, while harnessing more than ever core qualities such as manageability, security, privacy and – increasingly – ethics.