SF – What’s Now San Francisco: AI in Automotive

Our best shot for creating a future of shared, electric, autonomous transport

Date: March 14th, 2019

Time: 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM PST
5:30pm – Networking
6:30pm – Q&A with Tim Papandreou
8:00pm – Networking

Speaker: Tim Papandreou, Founder Emerging Transport Advisors

Tim Papandreou wants to give everyone a healthy wake-up call that society is on the verge of a once-in-a-lifetime transition to a transportation system that is shared, electric and automated. And all three of these major shifts in 21st century transport are already happening and will be realized in the next 10 years. Papandreou, the former manager of strategic partnerships at Google X and Waymo, key leaders in the development of automated vehicles, will deliver his wake-up call as our featured guest at the next What’s Now: San Francisco at Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange.

Papandreou will lay out a likely scenario for what needs to happen in the next 10 years as the transportation industry shifts toward sharing and electric while autonomous vehicles roll out. He will point out many of the key decision points that will have to be made by someone, in some process, faster than almost anyone is prepared to do right now. Technology, he points out, simply does what it’s told. So industry, government, civil society at large will have to give it clear directions for the emerging transport system to truly succeed and work well for all.

Papandreou brings a balanced perspective to thinking about how that system could and should be built up. He understands the technological developments from his time at Google X and Waymo. He also understands the public sector, having served as the Chief Innovation Officer for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. Papandreou is concerned about how the current tech backlash might affect private sector vehicle development and supply, on the one hand. On the other, he’s concerned that governments are not moving fast enough to prepare for the many challenges of this transition, from rethinking their roles, repurposing  city infrastructure to reimagining funding for transportation when the gas tax, parking and other revenues start fading away. Join us for this fascinating conversation about a massive transition that will impact us all.