SF – The VC-Funded Dotcom Disruption of Outer Space

Date and Time: March 1, 2018 5.30 PM PST

Speakers: Jonny Dyer and Dr. Ed Lu

We’ve got another dotcom disruption taking place in—of all places—outer space. There was a time, not long ago, when space was the exclusive domain of nation states. Now we’re in a second great wave of space commercialization that has many parallels to what happened in the digital dotcom world in the 1990s. Like with the shift from mainframes to personal computers, the costs of building for space have dramatically dropped, and thus a great democratization has begun. Entrepreneurs are coming up with ideas that don’t seem quite so crazy anymore and venture capitalists are pouring money into the sector. The incumbent corporations in mature sectors of space are getting disrupted, and totally new products are getting developed, including some that will probably never get off the ground. Are we in a space bubble like the dotcom bubble? Or are we just getting started in a long boom?

Jonny Dyer of Google will help us answer questions like these as he leads a conversation about this new space sector in the next What’s Now: San Francisco. He will be joined for Q&A by special guest Dr. Ed Lu, Executive Director of the B612 Asteroid Institute.